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Travel nurse jobs for every specialty!

With more than 20 years in the staffing industry, Nurses That Travel has been a beacon of light on the road to success for Travel Nurses in healthcare field around the country. We’ve build lasting relationships with both the talented professionals looking for their next job and the companies that need their skills to succeed. 

Nurses That Travel is about more than just a job;

it’s about Leading & Patience Care.

Advance Careers & Competitive Salaries

Nurses That Travel has been recruiting nurses for travel nursing jobs throughout the United States as a leader in the travel nursing agency. With our long time partnerships with Facilities across the country, we have some of the highest nurse salaries in the industry; Pediatric nurse salary, Labor and Delivery nurse salary, ICU nurse salary, or ER nurse salary.  Nurses That Travel places healthcare professionals in travel jobs that advance their nursing careers and help them get paid what they deserve.

Travel nurse jobs across the country

Travel nurse jobs across the country Nurses That Travel needs travel nurses all over the country and we're excited to help you find the perfect location for you. Whether you're interested in visiting Main Street in some small town in the mountains or a metropolis along the beach like Miami, we have travel nursing positions in all 50 states including:

Travel nurse jobs in Miami

Travel nurse jobs in New York City

Travel nurse jobs in Dallas

Travel nurse jobs in Asheville

Travel nurse jobs in San Francisco

Travel nurse jobs in Seattle

Travel nurse jobs in Denver

And many more - Nurses That Travel is partnered with facilities across the country, giving access to hundreds of jobs at top paying salaries.

Positions move fast! 

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